Frequently Asked Questions

What does Capital X-Ray do?

Capital X-Ray is a full-service imaging equipment and supply company.

Where is Capital X-Ray located?

Our home office in located in Tallassee, Alabama. We have a second location on the northern side of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia.
In addition to these two offices, we have various supply warehouses located throughout our coverage area.

What is Capital X-Ray’s coverage area?

Capital X-Ray’s sales and service area includes Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, & the Florida Panhandle.

Can Capital X-Ray sell on any of the GPO contracts?

Yes! Capital X-Ray is authorized to sell on multiple GPO contracts. For a full list, please contact us at 800-239-9729.

What type of equipment does Capital X-Ray sell and service?

Capital X-Ray sells and services all types of imaging equipment -- from DR systems, mammography units, MRI & CT, and U/S -- We pride ourselves in taking the approach that no facility is too big or too small, and as a result, our product-line & service attitude reflect that same philosophy. Read a detailed listing of the products that we offer. You may also get a more in depth look at our service organization. If you have a specific question concerning sales or service, contact or give us a call at 800-239-9729.

I’m building / remodeling / moving my facility,
can Capital X-Ray assist me in designing an x-ray room that will fit my needs and my floor space?

Of course! As a matter of fact, Capital X-Ray will handle all of the design issues for you. Not only that, but we can also assist you in locating a licensed contractor to take care of the construction itself.

When I take x-rays, they always seem to come out too dark/light. What should I do?

Well, if you’re pretty sure nothing is wrong with the equipment itself, it sounds like all you need is a Technique Chart.

Can Capital X-Ray help my facility “go digital?”

You bet! Capital X-Ray has long been involved with the digital market and we are well equipped to handle any facility’s digital needs. From CR systems to DR systems and full-blown PAC systems (Picture Archive Communication Systems), Capital X-Ray has multiple options to choose from. Site demos are easily arranged; so don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a visit.

What about imaging physics services? Can Capital X-Ray take care of the imaging physics service requirements for my Nuclear Medicine / Tomography / MRI / Ultrasound / Mammo equipment?

We’re glad you asked! For physics services, Capital X-Ray works directly with Imaging Physics, LLC. For information regarding physics services or to set up an appointment with a physicist, please visit Imaging Physics at

Can my facility set up a full-service/partial-service contract with Capital X-Ray?

Certainly. Service contracts range from full-service (i.e. x-ray equipment, film processing equipment, film handlers, etc.) to partial-coverage contracts (i.e. monthly processor maintenance contracts). Contact us and we will be more than happy to survey your site and customize a service plan to fit you facility.

How can I schedule to have a sales representative/service engineer stop by my facility?

Simply contact us or give us a call at 800-239-9729. Read about our sales and service philosophies.

Call us to schedule a consultation. (800) 239-XRAY (9729) IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE