Frequently Asked Questions

What does Capital X-Ray do?
Capital X-Ray is a full-service imaging equipment and supply company. Learn more about Capital X-Ray.
Where is Capital X-Ray located?
Our home office in located in Tallassee, Alabama. We have a second location on the northern side of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia. In addition to these two offices, we have various supply warehouses located throughout our coverage area.
What is Capital X-Ray’s coverage area?
Capital X-Ray’s sales and service area includes Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, & the Florida Panhandle.
Can Capital X-Ray sell on any of the GPO contracts?
Yes! Capital X-Ray is authorized to sell on the following GPO contracts: Amerinet, Novation, Premier and MedAssets/Broadlane.
We are currently discussing negotiations with various other GPO organizations and look forward to being added to more contracts in the near future.
What type of equipment does Capital X-Ray sell and service?
From “digital to dip-tanks,” Capital X-Ray covers the gamut of imaging products. We pride ourselves in taking the approach that no facility is too big or too small, and as a result, our product-line & service attitude reflect that same philosophy. Read a detailed listing of the products that we offer. You may also get a more in depth look at our service organization. If you have a specific question concerning sales or service, contact or give us a call at 800-239-9729.
I’m building/remodeling/moving my facility, can Capital X-Ray assist me in designing an x-ray room that will fit my needs and my floor space?
Of course! As a matter of fact, Capital X-Ray will handle all of the design issues for you. Not only that, but we can also assist you in locating a licensed contractor to take care of the construction itself.
When I take x-rays, they always seem to come out too dark/light. What should I do?
Well, if you’re pretty sure nothing is wrong with the equipment itself, it sounds like all you need is a 
Technique Chart.
What exactly is CR & DR, and what’s the big deal?
CR stands for “Computerized Radiography.” What CR does is allow you to create digital images with your existing x-ray equipment. This is done by using a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate that takes the place of your conventional x-ray film and cassettes. Once x-ray strikes the phosphor imaging plate and the plate has been processed through the CR unit, a digital image is displayed on a computer workstation allowing the technician/physician to manipulate the image to their liking (i.e. window/level, zoom, measure distances & angles, make notations, etc.).

DR stands for “Direct Digital Radiography.” A DR system replaces your existing x-ray room altogether. As opposed to CR, DR creates the digital image as soon as the x-ray has been taken. Once the image appears on the workstation, it has the ability to be manipulated (i.e. window/level, zoom, measure distances & angles, make notations, etc.) and archived digitally.

The plus for both CR & DR is the fact that A) You’re creating a digital image that can be manipulated, B) You no longer have to purchase x-ray film, chemistry, file jackets, etc., and C) You free up more space at your facility because you no longer need a darkroom and now you have the ability to digitally archive images instead of storing them in file rooms.

Browse through our catalog of digital imaging equipment. For additional information concerning CR & DR capabilities & possibilities, contact us or give us a call at 800-239-9729!
Can Capital X-Ray help my facility “go digital?”
You bet! Capital X-Ray has long been involved with the digital market and we are well equipped to handle any facility’s digital needs. From CR systems to DR systems and full-blown PAC systems (Picture Archive Communication Systems), Capital X-Ray has multiple options to choose from. Site demos are easily arranged; so don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a visit.
What about imaging physics services? Can Capital X-Ray take care of the imaging physics service requirements for my Nuclear Medicine/Tomography/MRI/Ultrasound/Mammo equipment?
We’re glad you asked! For physics services, Capital X-Ray works directly with Imaging Physics, LLC. For information regarding physics services or to set up an appointment with a physicist, please visit Imaging Physics at
Can my facility set up a full-service/partial-service contract with Capital X-Ray?
Certainly. Service contracts range from full-service (i.e. x-ray equipment, film processing equipment, film handlers, etc.) to partial-coverage contracts (i.e. monthly processor maintenance contracts). Contact us and we will be more than happy to survey your site and customize a service plan to fit you facility.
How can I schedule to have a sales representative/service engineer stop by my facility?
Simply contact us or give us a call at 800-239-9729. Read about our sales and service philosophies.

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